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Meet The Instructors


My own yoga practice began over 15 years ago. I began practicing yoga asana as another fun way to stay fit. It wasn't until my dad was diagnosed with cancer that I was introduced to the healing qualities of yoga and began to understand yoga beyond asana to include meditation, pranayama and much more. As my practice evolved, so did my understanding of the fullness of the practice. What was started as a way to stay fit has evolved into a lifestyle and an intentional way of walking in the world. After retiring from teaching I bought Muskegon Yoga Center and began a study of yoga that will continue to the end of this lifetime. I have earned my E-RYT and RYT 500 certification and look for every opportunity to read, grow, and learn more. I am forever a teacher, forever a student!

-Om Shanti


In 2014 I began my study of yoga at Muskegon Yoga Center. It immediately resonated with me and in 2015 I completed my RYT 200 level yoga teacher training with Hilaire Lockwood. I am currently perusing my 300 RYT with an expected completion in 2017. I continue to practice yoga regularly, and some might say obsessively. As my day job I am an elementary school educator for Mona Shores Public Schools. My interests include yoga, traveling, yoga, reading, yoga, beaching, and yoga.


I have a long history of teaching a variety of fitness classes. I discovered yoga in 2005 and quickly realized the “complete-ness” of it; that while practicing yoga is a great way to achieve physical fitness, even more importantly it results in health and wellness of the total self. My life literally changed through yoga. I was inspired to leave a successful but stressful executive corporate position to complete certification through the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2013. I have been guiding yogis, newbies and experienced, in their practice since then and am honored to share classic yoga poses, philosophies, breathing and relaxation to promote calmness, reduce stress, achieve life-balance and connect to the quiet space within.


I have been practicing, teaching and studying yoga and meditation since 2001. I completed several certifications within the YogaFit system and received my 200 hour teacher training through Sangha Yoga in Kalamazoo, MI with Para Yoga® Senior Teacher, Karina Ayn Mirsky. My study with Karina is through the classic yoga tradition of Tantric Hatha Yoga in the style of Para Yoga®. My desire is to help people discover what they are capable of in the practice of yoga. I enjoy watching students find a mind-body connection through movement and attention to their breath. “The breath is the ultimate guide, encouraging us to find a deeper connection to ourselves.” Students will discover the bountiful benefits of the breath, the nurturing space of relaxation and the calm surrender of meditation. I am dedicated to bringing authenticity, creativity and fun to the practice of yoga in a way that everybody can safely enjoy.


I grew up in North Muskegon and moved to Colorado in 1996. It was there that I discovered the benefits of practicing yoga. I practiced consistently, made the move back to West Michigan and, as my practice deepened, I pursued my RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certification, through Third Coast Yoga Studio in 2010. I found Muskegon Yoga Center in 2008 and have been there ever since. Having experienced how yoga transformed my life in so many ways both on and off the mat, I seek to empower my students to connect with their breath and body and seek balance and change in their own lives.


Hello, My name is Melissa Olinghouse. I found yoga in January of 2014. I had driven by the “hot yoga” sign hundreds of times. Finally, in an attempt to beat the winter blues I stopped in to check out the studio. I attended one of Mary Fahy’s classes my first day and I was hooked. During my first Savasana I realized that relaxing was something very difficult for me. My mind was not used to having an opportunity to slow down. I knew then that this was something more than exercise and something my body, mind and spirit needed. Muskegon Yoga quickly became a home to me. I could feel something changing in me each day with each class. I was more relaxed, I felt healthy and energized and my nerves were calmer. The results were not just physical. I felt myself becoming more aware of my actions and reactions in all areas of my life. Yoga is a journey of self study. Yoga makes me want to be a better me. In the summer of 2015 I decided to pursue teacher training with Hilaire Lockwood of Hilltop Yoga right here at Muskegon Yoga Center. Hilaire offered...

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Yoga found me in 1997 and in the summer of 2015, I decided to further my understanding of the eight limbs of yoga and embark on teacher training at Muskegon Yoga Center with guest teacher, Hilaire Lockwood. Fast forward four years, as a RYT 500 and an iRest® Yoga Nidra Level I Teacher-In-Training, this journey has been the most rewarding and challenging experiences I've ever encountered. It continues to sweep me beyond my mental, spiritual and physical boundaries. Sweat, tears, joy and a deep soul awakening brought me to where I am today. As my yoga teacher, Hilaire says, "You only need to be flexible in your mind to do yoga.” I assist people in finding that flexibility. Yoga isn't about doing the perfect posture, it’s about coming to your mat and finding a safe place to release your worries, fears and discover the best version of you.

Love & Pure Light,



My passion for yoga was kindled the very first time I stepped into a studio in 2014 and within a few months not only was I practicing daily but I was teaching children's yoga as well. In 2016 this love took me to Koh Phangan, Thialand where I completed my 200 level teacher training with Samma Karuna School of Awakening and Healing. I have since taught in various settings from studios, breweries, resorts, and corporate offices and hope to share the joys of yoga and mindfulness with people of all abilities and walks of life. Oh, and I love dogs!


After losing my Mom to a 23 year battle with metastasis breast cancer, I was looking to heal my heart. I was suffering from a herniated disc in my cervical spine, along with a broken heart. I remember waking up one morning and thinking, "I need yoga!" I found my yoga home at Muskegon Yoga and started a new journey. I healed my neck and my broken heart. I came into the studio the spring of 2017 and noticed Teacher Training was available for the summer. I decided to do something that scared me. The training with Hilaire Lockwood was challenging and rewarding. I fell deeper and deeper in love with every aspect of yoga. Learning how to deepen my life through Yoga, has made me a better person. Yoga is not just poses, it is a lifestyle.


Certified through the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training program in 2006, I have taught yoga for over 10 years throughout the Americas. My students rely on heartfelt creative sequencing, generous hands-on assists and classes designed for each student to evolve according to their unique path.