Yoga for Beginners


I’m new to yoga, what is it about?


Congratulations! You are about to begin a journey that will change your life in ways as unique as you are. Yoga is a practice that will keep you interested and challenged for a lifetime. As with anything new, please be compassionate with yourself. In yoga it is important that you release your ego and ambition. It is a process of becoming comfortable with your self. Remember that it is not possible to get everything right away, and even the most advanced yogi is still in the process of learning. There is no need to achieve or even try everything the first day, week, month, or even year. To start, there is great benefit to completing 10-15 classes in 30 days. This will give you a solid physical and intellectual understanding from which to launch your growth. After that, we suggest a regular practice of 2-3 classes a week to result in the changes you desire. For life changing results, you should practice yoga 4-6 times per week.


Getting Started:


Use your breath as a guide. If you’re not breathing, you are not doing yoga. Think of yoga breathing as your mind clearing. Extend your breathing to long, slow, deep breaths.

Stay mindful. Every action in yoga is intentional. Take the time to understand and approach a pose or movement at your own pace. By paying close attention to alignment and action even challenging poses will eventually become possible and comfortable.


Take the best and leave the rest. In any given class some poses will feel good and others will not; some movements will feel exhilarating and others will not. Notice what feels right for your body.
Stay open. As you explore different classes, keep an open mind. No class or style of yoga is universally best for every person. As you build a regular practice, you may find that poses, practices, and classes that you did not enjoy at first will become your friend and favorite. As you life changes, so will your practice.


Always come to class well hydrated. Twelve ounces of water prior to class is advised.
Avoid large meals 1½ hour prior to class. Light snacks should be considered as an option.
Dress in lightweight comfortable clothing. Synthetic fabric will be more comfortable than cotton. Bring a mat, water, and towel. Come open, empty, and bare. An open mind. An empty stomach. And bare feet.

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